1.   When dropping off your children under 18 years, please come inside and talk to management concerning the time for pickup.  We ask that you leave us a number in case there is a problem so that we can contact you.

2.  When dropping off children, make sure that there is a movie starting soon.  We will not be a holding basket for early arrivals.  Only movie patrons are allowed inside 30 minutes prior to showtimes unless otherwise noted.

3.  Once you leave your child, take their cellphones as they are no longer allowed inside.  If you do not take the cellphone, your child will have to relinquish it prior to purchasing a movie ticket.  We have a phone here for any emergencies.

4.  If there is a problem with your child's behavior, you will be called.  Until such time as you arrive, your child will be seated in the lobby.  If your child's behavior really is BAD, you will be going to the police station. NO IF, ANDS OR BUTS.

5.  No excessive talking during the movie.

6.  No excessive going in and out of the movie.  It is disturbing to those trying to watch the movie.

7.  If you or your child can not abide by these rules of conduct, we ask that you not even come.

We have enjoyed your business in the past.  We hope to continue earning your business in the future.  It is and has always been fun here and will continue to be a fun place for those that adhere to the rules.  And as always we hope to see at the movies!

The Management Staff